AutoAvaliar receives BRL 20M of investments from PSA Group

The contribution will boost the internationalization process of the Brazilian startup, already based in Portugal, start operating in Mexico and Argentina until the first semester of 2018.

São Paulo, October 16th, 2017 – The Brazilian startup AutoAvaliar, a sales and inventory management platform used by more than 2 thousand car dealers and over than 20 thousand multi-brand retailers in Brazil, has just received BRL 20M of investments from the French group PSA, one of the biggest car manufacturer in the world.

With the financial contribution, AutoAvaliar projects a 500 thousand sales volume of preowned cars in Brazil from 2023, a sales increase of seven times with the platform. Nowadays, the startup sells 8 thousand cars per month through its online auction, which works as a sales channel between car dealers and multi-brand retailers.

The PSA partnership will also boost AutoAvaliar internationalization process, already based in Portugal with the marketplace platform, price quoting and vehicles review apps. The Brazilian startup will also start operating in Mexico and Argentina until the first semester of 2018. The aim is to reach 2023 with a sales volume of 300 thousand preowned cars per year in these countries.

According to JR Caporal, AutoAvaliar CEO, even with the financial contribution, all the company operations will remain completely independent. “The proposal is to bring our business model to all over the planet and to boost the preowned commerce from intelligence and high technology.” Says.

About AutoAvaliar (www.autoavaliar.com.br)
AutoAvaliar is a company from MegaDealer Network Development group, it has more than 20 years of experience in international automotive market. It is a B2B platform integrating retailers and car dealers in a simpler and more profitable way, offering a complete preowned inventory management system. The AutoAvaliar WEB platform also counts with a vehicle review tool and an online auction, assuring the best management, safety and profitability.